Here are a few of my poems for your reading pleasure


Condensate Mould
Forgotten as if fallen from the fold
Weak, Strong or full of holes
This stuff can be delicious hot or cold
Goes to show in nature there's nothing to waste
Even some of the weirdest things can be great to taste
So enjoy it in a sandwich or on toast
In a park, on the grass or by the coast
Made of creature but not by bees
The thing I refer to is of course cheese


 Glistening light reflects such fun
The round stitched ball on the run
Tiny trees stand firm and tall
Disaster awaits, should those mighty trunks fall
Spinning wonder of twine and thatch
All asunder fall for the catch
The red hot sun that overlooks
Wine overflowing through babbling brooks
Mystical numbers painted in light
Numerous counters canvassed in white
Field-side jesters with smile and chagrin
No more talk, let the games begin


Wrath of nature
Anger of the sky
Tell us why?

Tidal River

Pulled by moon through open fen
Murky brown waters swollen again
All the senses receive, whisper serenity
 So embracing, almost an entity
Scene from postcard, picturesque
The ultimate place to stop and rest
Tall reeds sway and shiver
In awe at the tidal river

Coast Walk

The sea awash upon crumbling cliff
Feelings forgot, like what if?
Long grass dances in the breeze
So peaceful, the world at ease
Walking barefoot on rounded shoal
Heaven our destination, we've reached our goal