Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!

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                     ★★★★★                                                     ★★★★★ 
            “Loved it from Start to Finish!”                      “Keeps the Reader in Suspense until the very end.”
                   “Gripping Storyline.”                                            “Fully Recommend this Book!”
              “The Dialogue is Excellent!”                    “So many Twists, Turns and unexpected Surprises!”

Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! is the debut novel by Jon-Jon. In his own classic adventure style and split into three volumes Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! was released on Sat 29th July 2017 (International Tiger Day).

In an unforgiving jungle the question of Man vs Beast is about to be answered once and for all ...

Colonial India, a land that attracts hunters such as Charles, a man obsessed with killing the tiger that had long evaded him. With a team of friends and a skilled shikari he pursues his striped tormentor. But the King of Cats is no easy foe. As the jungle dances with war and world’s collide will the King of the Cats triumph or will man have his way?

Volume I
The Thrill of the Chase

Volume II
The Fallen and the Missing

Volume III
The Great Tiger King
'It's Clawesome!' 

Set in Colonial times, this novel is written in my own 'classic adventure' style. Being a great fan of such adventure masters as H G Wells, Ian Fleming, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne & Robert Louis Stevenson I was thrilled when I hit upon the idea for Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! and realised that I had my own adventure story to tell.

The Tiger has been my favourite animal since I was a child. I remember always dreaming of having one as a pet. It was with great sadness that I grew up to realise how endangered these magnificent creatures are, I can only hope that people's eyes are opened to the wonder of these great cats and their right to exist among us. 


The Tiger is endangered, three species have already been made extinct in the last eight decades alone. Below you can find links to reputed tiger charities and a charity that specialises in essential tiger tourist information.

Wanna see a wild Tiger?

If you want to see a tiger in the wild please please visit TOFT (Travel Operators for Tigers) first. TOFT award a PUG rating to wildlife tourism spots that are active in conservation. This means that when you visit tigers and other animals they are protected, their habitats are being preserved and tourist operations are carried out responsibly.

Check out their website:

In case you did not know a tigers paw print is called a pugmark - hence PUG rating. 

 More Tiger Charities

Cant decide which one to support? Then support two or three or why not all of them? 


Tiger Time is a specialised campaign by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation aimed at saving tigers.A lover of art? Then why not purchase one of David's paintings he is arguably one of the greatest tiger painters that ever lived and the proceeds go to saving tigers as well.

Please please visit their site and sign their petition to end tiger trade once and for all!



This charity was founded by Belinda Wright OBE in 1994. It does outstanding conservation work and is thoroughly worthy of support. Not only that but you can also visit them to see tigers in the wild. Located in an official Tiger reserve to ensure both you and the cats are safe.

Please check out their website and their tourist facility Kipling Camp:


The World Wildlife Foundation probably needs no introduction. They have launched a stunning and ambitious 2xTigers campaign to double the population of wild tigers by 2022. You can become a Tiger Protector Today - Please Please visit their website and sign up.


Panthera speclaise in big cats as the name suggest and that includes tigers - All donations are currently being doubled by the Robertson foundation until $1 Million has been donated. So get on over there and make your money count today.


Tiger Awareness is a charity that aids some very important issues in tiger conservation including helping to compensate poor farmers who lose cattle to tigers, educating children to realise the importance of tigers and aid in offering people alternitve livlihoods to poaching. Please please visit their page and donate.